To my 14 year old self


I know it has been a shock to the system moving to a school full of smart kids but don’t measure yourself against them.  Working hard and being organised and having good relationships with others are just as important.

Stop thinking you are ugly and hanging around with boys who don’t deserve you.  Once you get your braces off you will be fighting them off with sticks (and this will bring its own problems including resisting the temptation to be mean).

Don’t be mean or dismissive of other girls.  Some of those ‘nerds’ will turn out to be great friends in future.  Don’t wait until your 20 year school reunion to find this out.

Make the most of your dad (and go with him on that trip to China) as he won’t always be around.

Try and be a bit more physically active.  Yes, I know you can’t run or catch a ball but try and do something.  Your inactivity will catch up with you one day.

One day you will have a 14 year old daughter very much like yourself so try not to tempt the karma fairy too much!

This is a response to the ‘daily prompt’.  The photo is a few years after 14 (post braces and some of the gangliness).

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  1. Wow – that is so good. Now have you shared this advice to you then with your teen now? I think my teen would be shocked at how truly bad I was!

    • Not yet but I will. Unfortunately for me, my mum took it upon herself to fill my daughter in one some of the things I got up to as a teenager (thanks, mum). Fortunately though, mum doesn’t really know the half of it. I was one of those ‘butter wouldn’t melt in the mouth’ kids. My brother was the one who always used to get busted.

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